Ayurveda sees food as nourishing, balancing and healing. The ayurvedic science of diet is perhaps the most comprehensive natural system of dietetics in the world and should be examined by all that are concerned about this essential aspect of life and well being.

Natural food is one of the few aspects of our health that we have almost total control over so it is vital to have a better understanding of what we eat.

All Ayurvedic therapies start with right diet. Food builds up our physical body; the wrong food causes disease. Its sustains the life of all creatures.

Complexion, clarity, good voice, longevity, genius, happiness, satisfaction, nourishment, strength, and intellect are all conditioned by food in this world, as are all practices leading to liberation from this world.

Many modern imbalances, like stress, loss of sleep, fatigue and overweight, also many infertility problems are aggravated by a wrong diet. Ayurveda its also a healthy way to lose weight. In another hand ,healthy food and a proper diet can be effective for treating this kind of imbalances and it is certainly the best means of disease prevention.


Food comprises the same five elements as our bodies: water, earth, air, ether and fire. Knowing the elements in food means we can choose ingredients to help balance our own body and mind. A specific combination of two elements is responsible for producing each taste, for example: Sweet is the combination of Earth and Water. Also food has twenty attributes or qualities, two pairs of ten opposite qualities.

Ayurveda teaches that food is the Prana, or life force, of living beings, and that life is a continual search for food. Food is a deep connection with cosmic forces.

Each food article you eat alters your body and mental disposition, your body and mind are your temples…you can know them!